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Delectable Meal Replacements
Meal Replacement Nutritional Information.

This meal replacement is for everyone. It provides a meal option with controlled portions, containing 25 essential vitamins and minerals. Offered in three delicious flavors; Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry; this product remains in line with Simply Ideal Weight Loss quality standards, low in carbohydrates, low in fat and contains 26 grams of protein. Many meal replacements offered to consumers in North America contain less than half of the protein combined with a higher fat and carbohydrate count! Read More!

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Learn more about Ideal Protein
Our Weight Loss Program is a short-term plan, with a beginning, a middle, and an end. The final phase of our program teaches dieters how to live at a stable weight.

  • Learn how and why you gain weight;
  • Learn how to stabilize your weight;
  • Know when and in what combination to consume fats, carbohydrates and proteins;
  • Understand what causes cellulite and how you can manage it;

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